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Art of the Meal offers a New Spin on Dinner

Our Story: Art of the Meal
3 Sep

Art of the Meal offers a New Spin on Dinner

NASSAU BAY, Texas — Art of the Meal is truly cooking up something different. Owners Dean and Ginger Sprouse opened their business in May of this year. The concept is simple and unique: to offer guests the opportunity to learn how to cook a genuine, gourmet meal and sit down to enjoy it, afterward.

I had a chance to sit down with Ginger and learn more about what makes them and their business, special.

“In July of 2013, I went to a cooking class in Houston. I had a great time and the food was wonderful. I just thought I could do better,” Ginger explained. She went on to say what she thought the class was missing. “I wanted something with atmosphere. I wanted people to feel like they were warm and welcome in my home. Enjoying a wonderful meal and hanging out, drinking a bottle of wine, after dinner.”

Ginger’s passion for cooking began to really blossom when her kids were young. “I wanted healthy options for my kids to eat”. It became Ginger’s personal goal to see if she could take the things she had spent years buying in the grocery store and make them from scratch. Soon, she was making homemade pastas, breads and crackers, by grinding wheat from her own wheat mill. She even went so far as to buy her own cow. “I milked the cow myself, so we always had fresh milk and cream. I made my own butter and 4 different kinds of cheeses. We also had chickens, so fresh eggs were available at all times.” She even made her own homemade ketchup, from tomatoes from her organic garden.

Taking that kind of passion and sharing it with others is where the idea for Art of the Meal came to fruition. An evening at Art of the Meal, goes something like this…”You are greeted at the door, with appetizers waiting. We open your bottle of wine (Art of the Meal is BYOB) and then we take you to your station, where you will find your burner and partially prepared ingredients.”

The class begins and guests are taking through the art of preparing a true, gourmet meal. Once the meal is ready, the guest sit down to a table, to enjoy their creations on fine china, with a little dinner music playing in the background.

I asked Ginger what types of meals one could expect to learn. “The other night, we did individual Beef Wellingtons, with mashed potato puffs, roasted asparagus, homemade bread and homemade cream puffs. We will do something like Shrimp Saganaki, with homemade pita and homemade tzatziki sauce on Greek night. We also do sushi rolling. Check the calendar on our website, to find the meal that most interests you.”

Art of the Meal is perfect for date night, couples date night or even corporate team building events (they host Iron Chef like cooking competitions).

With and average cost of $59.00 per person and an average class/dinner time of 2 hours and 30 minutes, Art of the Meal is a perfectly unique option for a fun night in Clear Lake.

Art of the Meal is located at 1354 NASA Parkway in Nassau Bay. Contact them at 713-933-8241 or visit them on the web at

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