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AOTM is committed to giving back to our community. We support churches, schools, raffles and fund-raisers. We also support a local ministry for the hungry and homeless in our community. The Mercy Tree values the gospel of Jesus Christ, the power of the Holy Spirit and the dignity of their guests. On Thanksgiving each year we invite the Mercy Tree and their guests to our kitchen and serve a hot, home style dinner and enjoy their company. We invite OUR guests to come, help cook, serve and enjoy lunch, our treat. It is truly an amazing day.

We are committed to philanthropy, but as a small business, we are simply not able to support every worthy cause. All requests are carefully considered by the owners.
Due to the high number of donation requests AOTM receives, we strongly encourage you to submit requests as early as possible as and no later than 60 days before your donation deadline.

In the Art of the Meal Corporate Team Building class, the team will work together following recipes to create a delicious meal for everyone to enjoy.
At Art of the Meal, your kids will prepare a fun, delicious, age appropriate menu designed to encourage them to try new foods.