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Year in Review

Art of the Meal Corporate Team Building
1 Jan

Year in Review

Well, it’s official. We are past our 6 month anniversary at Art of the Meal Cooking School! We have had an amazing time. It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were agonizing over appliances and countertops! We spent many, many hours talking to cooking school owners from all over the United States, as well as reading reviews online and quizzing everyone that wanted to chat with us about how we should structure our school and classes. Having said that, we were adamant about retaining our initial vision for the cooking school-which was a warm, inviting kitchen/dining space that encouraged an atmosphere of learning and fun. In all honesty I feel that we have achieved that balance in a great way! We have had such amazing feedback from everyone who has walked through the door. We are always so appreciative when our clients let us know what we did great, and what can be made even better. One of the great things that is coming in the next month is the addition of a retail area where we will have gourmet seasonings and spices, small kitchen appliances and best of all- house made jams, jellies and baked goods! Additionally, look for guest chefs on the calendar that will be hosting classes to share their own tips, tricks and recipes.

Here is wishing you the Happiest of New Years and thank you for your patronage as we look forward to an amazing year to come!
Ginger and Dean