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We cook, we clean, you eat!

Have you considered having friends and family to your home instead of going to a restaurant? Serve your favorite wine, light your candles, cue up the playlist and enjoy your company! Seriously, if you are interested in hosting a dinner party, let us take care of the hard stuff. We are happy to serve buffet style or an elegant, plated meal. All menus are custom and we love to collaborate.

Your Private Chef Options


Starting at $85 per person: After learning exactly what you want in an event, we collaborate on a custom menu that is executed the day or night of your gathering.


Think of this as having close friends around for a Thanksgiving-style dinner where we plate large-format dishes and allow everybody to serve themselves. Typically includes 2 large main dishes and 2-4 side dishes. Recommended for larger groups that want a less formal evening.


This is our most requested dinner party option by far. A 3-4 course custom menu for your guests. Featuring individually composed dishes that are inspired by creativity and seasonal ingredients. An elegant and relaxed event that will impress your guests.


This choice is for the adventure seeker in you who enjoys the flavors of the world. A 5-7 course tasting menu that allows for a true sit down experience that will be sure to blow you away. This is for those evenings that are worth going BIG for!


Our giant paella pan holds enough for a gathering of 50 friends. A fun and festive way to host a casual outdoor party!

Here’s a great idea: AN IN-HOME COOKING CLASS!

  • In-home private cooking classes start at $95 per person.
  • We bring everything we need, including pots and pans, cutting boards, knives etc.
  • Within 20 miles of the cooking school, there is no travel charge.
  • The kitchen will be left spotless, and all leftovers will be neatly packaged and placed in your refrigerator
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